Bridging Education 

                     with Needy Children    


We assist and support non-priviledged students
of Mauritius
in their continuous learning and career path

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Contact us

You can contact Bridging Education by email using the feedback page. Click here to go to feedback page.

You can also send an email to:

From Canada/USA, call: 1-888-550-6284

Know a Needy Child in Mauritius ?

If you know a Needy Student in Mauritius just about to complete the Certificate of Primary Education CPE and who would be eligible and requires support from our book donation program please contact us with all information.

You can also send an email back to

Selection Process - Reaching the poor of the poorest child

Nominations are done by Primary Schools and Bridging Education has a fair and consistant selection process to reach the poor of the poorest child in Mauritius. The Needy Student must be admitted to Form 1 in a Secondary School. The final decision of selecting a Needy Child is based on a rigid selection process.

Bridging Education with Needy Children considers the less fortunate families who are experiencing hardships and who are in need of a helping hand. We give an opportunity to a Needy Child to continue learning and develop a career path.

Bridging Education - Projects

Book Assistance

School texts books, stationery and supplies are provided to Needy Students to continue their secondary education.
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Life Skills

Needy Children of Bridging Education and their parents get training in life skills to become good citizens of Mauritius.
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Giving Back

Needy Children and their parents in their turn 'give back' by doing volunteer work in assisting senior citizens.
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